Surprise – It’s the People

After 6 months aboard our new home, we have a lot to catch up.  Two tropical storms, one hurricane, two groundings and a dozen upgrades.  We have a lot of writing to get done.  Bottom line, we’re now half a year into our adventure.  And we’ve been blessed throughout with the friendship of so many wonderful people.

We’re learning that to make it in this lifestyle we need to be a team.  Not just husband and wife, but a team.  Respecting one another and encouraging one another in order to really get in tune with living on a boat.  The most amazing thing to us in our first six months has been the couples we’ve met.  Wow.  Double wow.  Talk about people who truly love this boating thing and love each other.  The deep respect for the ‘team’ is profound.  We visit on the docks and at the beachside bonfires and listen in awe to the stories.  And what stories.

We are melding into a good team.  No yelling.  No cursing, just encouragement.  Each day on the water ends with a review of what worked and what didn’t. Some of you reading this, living among the wet ones know exactly what I’m saying.  When we first heard of couples doing this, these daily reviews sounded more like a post game wrap up of who flubbed the ball.

Not at all.  We literally dissect each day and figure out if we could improve on how it went. Traveling in your home, vulnerable, alone among the many obstacles and fast changing landscape is an incredible amount of sensual overload.  Even the easy days wear us out.  We learn and hope that we can be one of those couples who’ve mastered (is that possible?) the live aboard lifestyle.

Catch up we will – the ups and downs, the good, the bad and the . . .yep we got wet.

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