Grand Banks 42
Shangri-La at Barefoot Landing, SC

Shangri-La – paradise? Maybe. She came with that name. What happened?  Jan and I met, fell in love and talked about nothing but boats.  Mainly slow boats.  We both grew up with go fast runabouts.  And now, as we walked the docks in coastal North Carolina the conversation focused on larger, slower sturdy boats.

“Can you live on that one?” Jan asked. . .over and over.  “Yes, no, no, yes, maybe. . . Like a slow moving novel the topic kept coming up.  “What kind of boat would you want to live on?” she finally asked.  “Are you serious?”  I had my favorites. Having lurked the docks and marinas of so many East Coast towns over the last 40 years I did have a favorite. Like a treasured brand of car, or motorcycle; Grand Banks trawlers have always drawn me in.

And then it happened.  “I’m selling my house.” Jan declared one day, out of the blue. And the rest is an incredible story of two people falling in love with each other and this passion for living aboard a boat.  Not just any boat.


Each time we visited marinas we were both drawn to the trawler style boat.  Yep, they look old fashioned with their busy rigging and vertical bow.  But the classic lines, spacious living area and old timey finishes of teak and mahogany felt just right.  And so it happened.  Thanks to some truly professional help from a veteran broker (God bless you Chuck and Kelsey) we found our dream home.  Shangri-La.  We’ve sold it all and moved aboard this amazing journey.

May 1, 2016. Up “on the hard” as they say.  We set up a 10′ step ladder and began loading our remaining earthly possessions onto the deck.  We slept aboard that first night. Suspended ten feet off the ground in our new home.  A week later we were in the water packed and pumped up like never before.  And here we go. . . 


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