Sunrise in our marina

“This is the United States Coast Guard North Carolina with a Hurricane update. . .” When you live in North Carolina, these words over the VHF radio can make your hair stand on end. The morning can look just like the picture above. 24 hours later it can be anything but calm.

We’ve been through Mathew in Hilton Head, SC. It was 10:30PM before we left Shangri-La to fend for herself . We were sick. Just six months after moving on-board and here we were in the direct line of a hurricane. Words could not describe our angst.

Fast forward to September, 2019. Tucked into our adopted home here in Beaufort, NC we know we’re still in range of some walloping storms. Cape Hatteras, just 30 miles northeast of us is the #1 place for landfall for hurricanes churning up the East Coast. And here comes Dorian. Wobbling between a Cat 1 and a Cat 2 – she is taking her own sweet time making her way north. So what’s the plan? Where do we go? Do we pull out and have Shangri-La put “on the hard?” (lifted and placed in stands on a marina property) Or do we flee? At 9 knots, outrunning a big storm is a lot like playing baseball with a blindfold on. You may stay inside the fence, but making good choices and catching a ball would be sheer luck. One can never really predict in which direction these storms will move.